Eclectic - Elegant - Exquisite and Eccentricity

It's Not Just Art To Me
It is about sharing many parts of nature, life and all that is important. 
And in doing that, you share a part of who you are back.
All things created carry with them some of the good things that all of life has.

The elements of nature and the created things together, forming bonds much like ourselves.
Physical objects that remind us of many things they have endured to become beautiful, just like us all. 
Created by natural pressure, heat, water, minerals and time.
Leaving scars, imperfections and leaving behind, beautiful perfection. The expression is carried forward by you and shared with others. .
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Some of the most creatively crafted pieces I have seen.
Michael Abbott
Totally awesome!  Love her work.
Agnes Lambert
Hannah does gorgeous stone pendants. The one I got today. Love it. I even got three more!
Rita Monte
Awesome! You definitely have a gift for creating unique jewelery.
Barbara B. Blenkle-Harrell








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